From Prositute to Royalty

indexShe was just a prostitute and as they go, not a very worthy one. In the age she lived, one did not often get the chance to outlive a label and she was known as a harlot, the old fashioned word for prostitute. Like so many nights before, this night she took in two men. You see, her home was ideally situated for her business. She lived within the walls of the city, making for easy access and undetected exits. Unlike so many nights before, the men welcomed by her were Jews and she knew why they had come; not to hire her, but as spies for the enemies of her city. For someone in her profession, it was unusual – to say the least – to have any kind of faith, let alone a faith in a higher power; a faith, not in her own government, not in the laws of her own city, but in the god of her enemies.


It wasn’t long before the city law enforcement heard of the presence of the spies and sent out search parties to root them out and dispose of them. But the reputation of this god had preceded them and the prostitute – who was called Rahab, could cite every episode of miraculous delivery, every battle where their god had intervened to their victory, every triumph of their conquests and what’s more – she believed.


Before she helped them to escape, she hid them on the roof of her house and she made them swear that before they returned; and it was not a matter of whether they would return, but when – they would remember her. Not just me she pleaded, but my family and all that belong to them. Not to be pushed around, the spies upped the ante by placing the onus of rescue squarely on her shoulders. Hang this red rope in the window, gather your family in this house and we will honour what you have done for us today. Otherwise – no deal. And she did. And so did they. In fact, before they burned her city to the ground, their leader – oh, his name was Joshua , ordered all those within her house to be removed and placed out of harm’s way, far from the fire. The name of her city? Jericho. For those of you who may not know, she made a life for herself among the Israelites and ended up marrying a guy named Salmon. They had a baby boy. They named him Boaz. When Boaz grew up, he took a wife, Ruth and together they had a baby boy they named Obed. As these things do happen, Obed later married and had a baby boy they named Jesse and Jesse became the father of King David; the royal line from which was born Jesus. Remember now – she was just a prostitute.


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